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My Discord kusyasus#8974
My contact email: [email protected]
I'm not interested in NFT!

head image artist iidragon1812



I can reject your commission request if I understand that I can't do it
I can upload my artwork anywhere (discussable)
You can upload my art anywhere, edit, add text, but do not forget to credit me
Do not claim that you made the art yourself
Do not use my art to make NFTs


Send me your idea via google forms, DMs or email.
I'll either show you a few colorless sketches or a few colored sketches.
You may approve one of them or I can make another.
We will discuss the payment (payment plans are available!)
I'll start working after you approve the sketch (or after I change the sketch to your liking) and after you pay the amount of money we've agreed on.
After paying you'll be receiving WIPs during the process.

animals, ferals (like canine, feline, dragons, etc), nature landscapes (sometimes using 3D experimental environment)humans, anthro (portrait is fine!), NSFW, fetish art, complex architecture


$310-350 or DA points (depends on complexity) +35% second character
Experimental portraitlandscape
$90 or DA points$150-160 or DA points

1$=80 DA pointsIF YOU PAY IN DA POINTS YOU HAVE TO ADD +316 POINTS TO THE TOTAL AMOUNT (I'm sorry, but now it requires buying Core to Withdraw points) (since 01/02/2021)

PAYMENT (Paypal, cards)DA points
It uses PayPal and credit cards - pretty much like Patreon. Read more about it here Post on FA or here Post on DAI will create a Commission Widget for you on my page on DA.
A simple tutorial below!1$=80 pts (you will have to buy me Core, therefore +316 pts to the final amount)

Do not pay until I give my consent.

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If you paid 50% (or any other % you paid) of the total amount, but for some reason I can’t finish the work, I will return you 50% (or any other % you paid).If you paid 50% (or any other % you paid) of the total amount, but you don’t want my work anymore, and I already started drawing, I won’t return you 50% (or any other % you paid), because the sketch is ready (and you approved it).

Read and agree? Click the button below to make an order


By ordering my commission, you agree to the terms of serviceFill out a Google form: CLICK!
Or follow the steps:
1. Contact me and send me a picture of your character or their toyhouse.
2. Everything should be clearly visible. If the reference does not have some details, then describe them in text.
3. Commission type?
4. You can either describe your idea in details: poses, emotions, background, interaction with another character or environment, features of the character, features of lighting, angle of view and etc. OR you can leave it to me.
5. (optional) you can give me additional references of the background that you want to see, if you find it difficult to describe, or references for poses.
OR you can draw a few concepts/sketches if you want to help me understand your idea!

Discord kusyasus#8974
My contact email [email protected]

Experimental fullbody (both anthro and feral)Experimental halfbody (both anthro and feral)
$65-70 or DA pts$50-55 or DA pts